Small Statements: Part Deux

Shoes shoes and more shoes! A girl can never get enough of these beautiful (and expensive) little pieces of joy. It seems like you can always find a reason to buy a new pair, even if that reason is just another day of the week. However it’s a whole other slice of cake when you’re choosing them for the most important day of your life… There are many aspects to consider when choosing your shoes:
+ Budget – we’re probably only going to wear them once…but then again, it’s a very important ‘once’.
+ Color – are you complimenting your palette and style?
+ Comfort Level –  if we’re dedicated to wearing these puppies all night, rather than having a backup pair, they better be comfy! Suggestion: Wear your new shoes inside doing tasks for small amounts of time, therefore breaking them in without causing pain.
+ Ground – Yes, ground. Are you going to be outside in the dirt where your heals will sink? Ahh yes…keep this in mind! Suggestion: For the ceremony at least, place flag stones where you and your maids will be standing for some stability!

Flats – The benefit to flats for myself is not only the comfort associated with it, but I also like the idea of my height staying the same. I’m on the shorter side and I embrace it! I feel that wearing flats also represents the ‘comfort-casual’ approach that I’ve continued throughout the entire design of our wedding. As you can see from my flats selections, I love toe detail!

1 | 2 | 3

Pumps – Pumps are just fabulous. They can be flirty and fun, and make some seriously classy statements. A girl always feels a little more beautiful in a great pair of pumps! I love ankle and heel detail with pumps, such as the floral of number 2, and jewels of number 3.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

It will take a lot of stores and a lot of those strange low mirrors to figure out which shoe makes the cut. Whichever shoes you end up going with, make sure you feel yourself in them. After all, this is your day!

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