Presentation with a twist!

It’s officially Fall here in Northern Michigan and the markets are flowing over with my favorite mixings for dinner and displays!  I’m no food expert, I leave that to Cammie and Andy, but when working with caterers like Epicure Catering to create menus for client’s events I love talking about the “presentation.”

One of my must haves for a great dinner party is a well dressed table.  From the perfect layout, linen, chair, charger… you name it, they are all important and visually enhance the great meal each guest is about to be served.  A recent client created a harvest menu with accents of rosemary, root vegetables, spiced wine and braised meats but when we were selecting china patterns we could not decide on a soup bowl.  The soup was a Ginger Pumpkin Bisque and to add a “dash” of whimsy to the sophisticated menu we asked the Chef to serve the soup in miniature pumpkins.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box for table service- the perfect paper straw and milk bottle with your favorite strawberry shake or grandma’s vintage tea cup collection filled with mango basil sorbet!

pumpkin soup bowl on table

Jen Kroll Photography, A Day in May Event Planning & Design

mini pumpkins used as soup bowls on a tray
Jen Kroll Photography, A Day in May Event Planning & Design
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