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Greetings, we are Slow Juke! Northern Michigan Wedding Photographers, adrenaline junkies, parents, and your everyday married couple. But every couple has their gifts. We feel our gift is to celebrate the extremes in life. The sacred, the deep, the dark, the heart wrenching, the dramatic, the fantasy, and the beautiful madness that makes up your book of life. Capturing that is our specialty. We aren’t afraid to enhance moments and prefer to turn the emotional volume up to the max.

Clearly put, our passion is preserving yours.

The perfect kiss, a proposal, weddings, births, challenges, homecomings, and even a new dress are all parts of life people fantasize about. We are here to remind you that every moment is a part of your fairy tale-even the not so welcomed parts always turn out beautifully as God has planned. We think those signature moments deserve a little dressing up, celebrating, and preserving. We love living life to the fullest and enjoy photographing people who aren’t afraid to push the envelope just a little. Our ideal client is just as excited to put a little extra effort into the details of their session as we are.

Slow Juke is not in the business of providing a standard portrait. Our chosen job is to preserve moments of passion in the singular adventure, that is your life. We take a highly collaborative approach, from wardrobe to location, to ensure we transcend a session showcasing your one and only, signature self. Nothing is off limits. We welcome you to challenge us with your ideas. We are so honored to have you share a piece of your souls with us and allow us to paint the amazing portraits we see in you. Life is but a dream…

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