Thank you for your interest in submitting to Simply Blue Weddings! To be considered for a feature, please upload the required information outlined below into a DropBox folder and email the link to:

Name your folder "Your Company Name - Bride & Groom" and please include the following:

  • 30-40 full resolution images - free of watermarks and borders
  • A document that includes the following information:
    • Bride & Groom’s first names
    • Location(s)
    • Detailed vendor information (venue, event coordinator, photographer, floral designer, cake, gown, papery designer, etc.)
    • Each submission should include a vendor list of all participating vendors and their contact information.

    • Detailed account of the day:
      • Fill us in on: the inspiration behind the day, special touches, sources where some of the great details were found, any DIY projects 
      • A blurb written by the bride about the day (this is not required, however we love hearing directly from the bride!)

Please note*** We accept submissions from planners, brides, and other vendors (with permission from the photographer only). 

We love details! The more information we have and the more thorough you are, the more likely we’ll be able to feature your lovely work!

If you don't have a DropBox account, you can install it for free from with 5GB to start.

  1. Set up a free account: Visit and create a new account at
  2. Create a submission folder: Once you are signed in, click the "New Folder" icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Name your folder: "Your Company Name - Bride & Groom"
  4. Upload files: Click on your new folder and either drag and drop your files into the window or click the "Upload" icon in the upper right-hand corner to select the files from your hard drive.
  5. Share the link: click the "Share link..." icon and either address the pop up box to or click "Get Link" and that will copy the URL link to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the link into your email addressed to