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Hello! Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to introduce ourselves...we are Oden and Janelle! We are a married wedding Photographer Duo in Northern Michigan, we have been loving the last 6 years capturing our wonderful couples here in some of the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine. Now we are excited to announce, starting this year, we will be photographing weddings during the winters in Southern California and when possible, wait for it...”THE WORLD!” Yes we LOVE to travel!

We are truly blessed and absolutely LOVE what we do...If we could sum it up in one word it would be...HONORED. Why do we say that? It’s because when we are chosen to shoot a wedding, we are picked out of many photographers who are excellent in their craft and who take their business as serious as we do, but the true honor comes from when a couple feels comfortable enough with us that they are willing to welcome us into one of the most intimate, special, and memorable days of their lives - their WEDDING!

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my wife of sixteen years. Janelle is the main photographer and my beautiful boss...;) She has been taking photos since she knew how to hold and function a camera. She literally has a huge box of photos to prove it. Janelle was a legal assistant for over 12 years and was getting burned out with it. So yours truly convinced her to do something she loved and to take a chance and start a photography business. By starting out with just families and friends she quickly discovered how much capturing candid and loving moments for families brought her joy. This new joy lead her to the point of quitting her job and diving into the photography world. She is a self taught photogpreneur with a big heart who has quickly grown this business to where it is today. She is exceptional at making people feel comfortable and making you feel as if you're not even being photographed. Without her there would not be an Oden & Janelle Photography. I truly love this woman!

Aw, thanks hun, you’re so sweet...:) Well as you can tell my husband Oden likes to talk and he truly loves people. Oden is my second shooter and salesman, but most important, my loving husband. When we got married we didn’t hire a professional photographer and sadly we don’t have a lot of photos to show. After shooting many friends and families, I researched to see if I could make a living with photography. I found out that wedding photography was a get avenue. But I did not want to do it by myself, so Oden rose to the occasion to be my second shooter. He has always been a people person, he worked a lot in the sales/service industry and was a bartender for three years so, needless to say, he knew how to talk and converse with anyone and make them feel comfortable. That’s one of the best qualities I love about him. He too is naturally artistic. Oden was a graphic designer/sign maker for fifteen years and ran his own sign business by the name of Xtra-ODEN-ary Signs (He loves that name). His dream was to draw for Disney and make up a character that would one day become a “Happy Meal Toy.” As a semi-self taught photographer (I say semi cause I taught him a lot) he has been a big help in making this a great family business. He has made it a goal to make me laugh everyday since we were married and I have to say he hasn’t failed yet. Oden is guaranteed to make you laugh as he makes me...not to copy Oden’s words, but with out Oden there wouldn’t be an Oden & Janelle Photography. I truly Love that man...:)

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