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Seven wedding seasons ago, my brother Jordan and I founded northern Michigan's only boutique disc jockey service in order to create unique experiences for couples in love with music. We craft customized celebrations -- the ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinners, and receptions that reflect the true personalities of couples and their guests -- throughout the Grand Traverse region, and beyond. 

We love working in northern Michigan because we realize it isn't a place where people just "end up." Living here is most often a very well thought out choice--either to stay here, move back here, or relocate here from another part of the world. When you choose to live, work, or say "I do" in northern Michigan, it's because you appreciate how unique our corner of the world truly is. In some ways, when you choose to have a northern Michigan wedding, the place itself is a guest of honor.

Back when we first began this adventure, Jordan and I were attending a lot of weddings; we were both at that stage in life. Afterward, we found ourselves debriefing, comparing notes about what worked and what didn't. Typically--barring any tragedies like running out of wine or food poisoning--the make or break element of the evening was the music. So many DJs we saw were on auto-pilot. It was clear they came into the situation with a set "wedding playlist" and--beyond that narrow scope--they weren't sure what to do. They might as well have plugged in an iPod and walked away. We thought there was a better way. We wanted to provide personalized, problem-free celebrations that helped couples express their own unique style and show their guests a great time. 

When it comes to the music we play, it isn't about our style--it's about the client's! We understand that every wedding reception is different and every couple has their own relationship to music. Our job is to translate our clients' vision, style, and personality to the dance floor, ensuring that friends and family experience an incredible party that could only be thrown by this couple. We believe music is the motivator. We don't believe a DJ egging people on is a good tactic. The crowd doesn't know us and it can come off as the dreaded "cheesy wedding DJ." Professional, creative, and never over-the-top, we work to deliver exactly the event you're looking for with none of the DJ cliche. We pay close attention to what's working, what isn't, what songs get people on their feet, and what songs have people trickling off the dance floor. From there, we are constantly changing the idea of what's next--in real time--to reflect the crowd's energy as it changes throughout the night. Think of us as the human Pandora. As we move through your event, our DJs handle everything with a professional air that is crisp, light-hearted, and engaged. You won't find us playing on our phones or staring into space; we're always in the moment, right there with you. 

Finally, no matter which DJ you choose, make sure you have someone who listens. You know yourselves and your guests best and you've put an incredible amount of effort into curating a unique event that reflects who you are as a couple. If a potential DJ is doing more talking than he/she is listening, it's a sign that they aren't interested in customizing the experience for you; they think they already know what you want/need and will probably override your directions with what they "know works." The right DJ for you is one who is actually interested in getting to know you!                                                      

                                                                                                                                          ----Erin Anderson Whiting, co-owner/event coordinator

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