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Hello!  We are Dan and Melissa. We absolutely love marriage and being there when great things begin. We both love to laugh and surround ourselves with funny, unique, passionate people. We love Jesus. He is the reason we live, breathe, love, grow, create, and have hope. 

We love being a part of the wedding celebration and cherish the great friendships we form with our couples. To us, photography isn't just our job. We revel in meeting and building relationships with our couples. After all, the best part of it all is the people. 

Some of our favorite moments are teary-eyed crying parents, the bridesmaid with her head back laughing, and those romantic stolen glances and flirtatious smirks shared between the couple. We are always looking for moments that encompass the essence of your day. 

This is your day, your love story, and we love to tell it.




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phone: 231-421-5000

email: info@danandmelissaphotography.com