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Celtic Transport Logistics began operating over 11 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day with the objective of offering unique, clean equipment that meets all state and federal safety regulatory requirements.  We also wanted our guests to have fun!

From that first bus to our current 10 units, Celtic has focused, primarily, on providing wedding shuttle services.  This is evident with the types of equipment currently found in our fleet.

Our limo buses have been designed to accommodate wedding, bachelor and bachelorette parties.  The two trolleys were added for the wedding day photo opportunities.  With the wedding parties in mind, we realized that the politician platforms offered a great prospect for fun and intimate photos of the bride and groom.  The balance of the fleet focused on meeting the transportation needs of your wedding guests. 

What sets Celtic aside isn’t just the diversity of our equipment but our attention to logistical detail.  By working with the wedding planners, evaluating the best routes based on locations and transit times and considering the number of guests for equipment assignment, we can develop a logistical schedule to meet your wedding day itinerary. Simply stated; the best service at the best price. 

So sit back, enjoy your special day and leave the driving to us.  Bar none, our drivers are the best!

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phone: 231-947-5458

email: reservations@celticshuttles.com