brittany and Devin Photo Co.

Meet Brittany & Devin

Hi, we're Brittany and Devin Smith, a husband and wife wedding photography team who are equally passionate about your marriage as we are about your wedding day. We believe that marriage is a big deal and we love celebrating and documenting this season of life with our couples.  

We truly believe that the wedding day itself is the culmination of a beautiful season of life. We love that weddings are celebrating the commitment a bride and groom are making to spend the rest of their lives together, but they are also the celebration of lots of other beautiful relationships. You have spent months bonding with your mom, sister, grandma and bridesmaids over every little detail. Your families have gathered from near and far and your grandparents are so pumped to have everyone together. Life is all about relationships and weddings bring out the best of them.

Anyone can get married just going through the motions. But we believe that when your hearts and souls are poured into your wedding day that you're investing in much more than a fancy party. You're investing in your legacy. We are honored to tell the beginning of our couples' stories through our photographs and heirloom wedding albums.

Our mission statement: We believe in marriage and in celebrating the commitment of marriage through weddings; celebrations full of love, family, and what matters most. We believe in helping couples create and prepare for a deeply meaningful beginning to married life. We believe our gifts and talents provide our couples with their first family heirlooms, to be experienced for generations. And while we believe in the details, we believe that more importantly, it’s true love that always wins.

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