Out and About: Left Foot Charley

Traverse City has become a mecca for the local agricultural industry. As a community, we've welcomed our local farmers, chefs and brewers with open, and might I add eager, arms. With wineries being an abundant destination option, Left Foot Charley adds a simple, yet decadent spin with their luscious hard ciders.

LFC prides themselves on three beautiful ciders: Classic Hard Cider, Ginger Hard Cider and my personal favorite Cinnamon Girl - a beautiful spicy blend Michigan apples and Sumatra Cinnamon. Similar to the always unpredictable weather of true Northern Michigan, LFC's brewers often brew according to what moves them. Experimenting in oak, cinnamon, honey, different yeast, apple blends, carbonating techniques, and fermentation temperatures, the ingredients may change, but their taste and quality is unwavering.

Although Cider and wine is their specialty, they also pride themselves on their beautiful and carefully selected location, gently set amongst creeking oaks behind Building 50 of the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. This location allows LFC a gorgeous space that would be a beautiful choice for a fun engagement photo session or a rehearsal dinner, catering to your individual needs as a couple.

Recently, LFC has been host to the deliciously talented Kristin Karam's Ethnic Eats where for $12 you can enjoy a taste of such food as Cuban, Mexican, Cajun, Indian or Lebanese dishes (along with many more), and your choice of Cider or Wine. Hurry down on Thursday nights from 5-7 to take advantage of this delicious treat, as it's while the food lasts!