Out & About: Longview Winery

Just as you reach the north end of Cedar, MI, you’ll come across a quant winery by the name of Longview. Not only does Longview Winery offer a range of award-winning wines of all different inspirations, but if you catch the tasting room on a day that the owner Alan is present, you’re sure to go away feeling as though you’ve made a new friend. Longview would be a great opportunity to support local venders and cultivators by selecting their wines for your wedding reception.

So why the name “Longview”? As Alan explains it, 15 years ago he said to his now wife Linda, "You have to look at the longview". He said, "our kids are off to college soon and we will be together forever." Fifteen years ago they married and upon retirement Alan said, "You saw the longview and married me, now what do YOU want". Linda told Alan she wanted to live on a farm in Leelanau County so in 1998 they bought the land and started growing the vines.” Longview winery truly keeps its wine selection and tasting room in the most caring hands, and expressing that care to each person that steps through the doors. You can read more of their great story on their About page here.

Longview’s Rustic Red and Rustic White would be a perfect pairing for your event! Appealing to both a sweet-favoring audience and a dry one, these two would also be a staple in any household. However don’t let their fundamental white and red steer you away from their award winning Cherry Wine, Honey Mead and Chardonnay, just to name a few. Check out their impressive selection of creations.

Order online, or better yet, stop in for a tasting and start checking off your wine list at Longview Winery.