See You In The New Year

It takes a strong woman to say goodbye to her husband for long period of time, but I think it takes an even stronger one to accept that it’s going to happen on a regular bases. Over the past week and a half, Pieter and I made the difficult decision in regards to him taking another relief position that would send him over seas for a couple of months. You never really know when life’s going to throw you a curveball.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with our summer endeavor, Pieter and I decided that he should take a position for two and a half months that would put him back in my arms approximately three weeks before the wedding. This left a VERY hectic and flustered three weeks together when he was home. The wedding and honeymoon flew by and before we knew it, we were saying hello to the crisp air of October.

It may never be something that I get used to, but saying goodbye to Pieter means I get to miss him, write him letters and practice old-timey love language. By far the largest and most important part that I take away from our time apart would be the privilege of feeling the renewed loved and appreciation every time we see each other at the airport. That part will never get old.

Pieter left on November 4th and I won’t see him until about January 15th, but before he left we were able to have some pretty good times together. We attended the official opening of the Off-Leash Dog Park as official donors (yay!), partied down with family and friends on Halloween, Pieter finished his first Iceman and we enjoyed plenty of simple, relaxed time together.

I miss my sailor every day that we’re apart, but I am forever grateful that we both have jobs to work hard at, a home we’re providing for ourselves in and the love and support of everyone around us. Oh and of course Aries keeps me company while he's gone, but she sure does miss him!

Fair winds and following seas, my darling.