I love color, texture and playing with patterns. Fabric stores (the good ones at least) are like treasure chests and it's hard for us to leave them without bringing home some serious yardage of our own! Kim and Mark's cocktail tent was filled with comfortable lounge seating for guests to take in the stunning views of West Grand Traverse Bay and accents of cobalt, lake blue and tangerine. One of the easiest ways to bring in these accent colors is with throw pillows and who doesn't love punches of color on crisp white sofas?! We pulled in a gorgeous orange and white stripe fabric we found on a buying trip. (If you see their Real Wedding Gallery you will notice that the cocktail tent was "flipped" for dancing. Linens were refreshed to a beautiful terracotta with punchy color accents and the blue pillows were swapped for some gold and peach polka dots and coral while the orange and white pillows remained.) The blue pillows left on their own were a bit bold so we personalized them with some of the couple's favorite things by hand painting designs on them.

The bride's family has a Chris Craft they enjoy on the water and the groom had an affinity for vintage wooden boats so we incorporated three different silhouettes on the two different blue pillows. And since Bailey, their adorable golden retriever could not make the flight to Michigan, we properly placed her silhouette on cute duck cloth pillows. To some, pillows may be "just pillows" but for us they are much, much more and can really help to weave the couple's story in to their day or add an unexpected and fun accent, even a topic of conversation!




Jen Kroll Photography, A Day in May Events