My Lovely North: Airbrushed

Being a girl who loves everything beauty, and having had a conversation regarding airbrushed makeup, I wondered how many brides were planning to airbrush for their wedding day. Whether you plan to own and use a kit yourself, or will consider hiring a professional for your beautification process, airbrushing holds many benefits! Airbrushing makeup is typically silicone, paraben and oil free, so no messy smudges, clogged pores or tightness during your day. It also offers wonderful coverage that doesn't have to look as heavy as most full coverage applications would. On the other hand, if not applied correctly, the makeup can be blotchy and uneven. There's literally nothing worse than having your face a different color than the rest of your body, and nothing that will distract from the beauty of the bride.

I didn't choose airbrushing my makeup for my wedding, and although it's not that I regret it, but I certainly wish I had done more research into it. I typically use products that can be found at a range between drug stores and higher end makeup departments such as Laura Marcier or Sephora, but regardless of the brand, each one has its pros and cons, and will effect your skin differently. I towards the end of the planning process, I didn't feel like I had to time to try something new, so if you are a planning bride, I'd say to get a jump on your beauty decisions earlier on so that you can be prepare towards the end.

If you decide that airbrushing is the right route for you, my suggestion is to go to the professionals. Chances are you've hired professionals for the remaining aspects of your wedding, so why let one of the most important aspects, the bride, fall short? Many local salons such as Pavlova, Style North, and Impres offer beautiful makeup, and will also provide trial makeup appointment scheduling. Make sure that your foundation coverage matches your natural skin tone, is blended properly, and that dries before you put your beautiful white gown on.

So what do you plan on doing? Is airbrushing your foundation the right choice for you? Comment below and weigh in on the discussion!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Benjamin Paul