my lovely north: a groom's voice

A marriage combines two lives into one lifestyle. I like to say lifestyle because you're not losing any part of what you were, but adding to it. Assuming this addition of lives begins upon, "I do.", I found that it was quite the contrary. During the planning the process this combination of lives often begins at the first utterance of 'yes', as you accept the proposal of your dreams and begin hunkering down to plan your nuptials. You will both immediately have an idea of what this oh-so-precious day will be like - whether it be stemming from years and years of planning (*cough cough - usually the bride), or the humble beginnings of initial thoughts and ideas. Whether you already have, or soon will be spending all of your moments together thinking everything wedding, there's so much brain-power dedicated to the check-list, that you rarely have any time to reflect on ideas of your mental state. It got me thinking, as I'm constantly reflecting on the wedding, what it was like for the groom. It seems obvious, (the differences) but is it? Thankfully, I happen to have a pretty stellar fella that can help provide insight into what it's like to plan a wedding as the groom.

Q: What were the unforeseen challenges of planning a wedding? A: People always say, "the devil's in the details" and I completely agree with that! Getting the "big picture" was easy enough but the most challenging aspect for me were all the small details that really helped spotlight our theme. All of our DIY-creations really started to come together in the last couple weeks and everything seemed to need its own special trip to a store or last minute online purchase. There didn't seem to be enough time in the day! The last few days of crafting and running unique errands were a real blur at times!

Q: What would be advice that you wish you had received prior to planning a wedding? A: "Start now." We really got a jump on our planning but even trying to book certain vendors was tricky. The beauty of Northern Michigan in each season will forever attract couples to choose this area for their special day. As soon as you pick your date, call all your preferred vendors immediately. Seriously. Even if you simply put your name on their calendar or pay their deposits - the longer you wait, the less chance they'll be available. In Northern Michigan, venues seem to book especially fast.

Q: Anything you wish you could have done that you didn't get a chance to? A: We had a few small items and couldn't find a local supplier so we had to use out-of-state vendors. Whether it was a time-sensative issue or a cost/benefit concern, I wish we would have utilized our resources better to get those couple items from a local vendor. Otherwise, we used all local vendors and I was (and still am) extremely proud to support our beautiful state in every aspect of our special day.

Q: What was the easiest aspect of the planning process? A: Emily and I made a real DIY effort in all the decor. Some days we couldn't land on a design idea we both liked but once we did, I really enjoyed the hands-on process. Everything from building our custom "doorway entrance" to cutting and sewing little flags and banners wasn't difficult and the feeling of accomplishment (read: compliments) when everything was finally in place made the whole process worth it.

Q: What were the biggest differences of planning between the bride's and groom's roll? A: Emily did all of the design work. Emily's creative side really came through in every aspect of our wedding so while she was busy designing, I took care of a lot of the logistics. I made plenty of those initial early phone calls, researching vendors, scheduling meet-and-greets, and booking the services that we both agreed on. From there, I simply tried to help Emily out any way I could - especially when I was home from my unique work schedule.

Q: Any suggestions for future grooms while planning their weddings? A: A lot of times, all this wedding planning stuff rests on the shoulders of your bride-to-be and can get overwhelming. Lend a hand. Your soon-to-be-wife will be seriously grateful and it will make the process much less traumatic for everyone.