The most illusive part of planning my wedding was exactly how and what type of ceremony would best represent Pieter and I, and of course this included proper decor! Throughout the entire wedding day, all eyes are on the bride and groom, but especially so during the ceremony. It's a chance to verbally, musically and visually reflect the meaning of your relationship and in the end it all comes together so sweetly and beautifully - yet because of this, I couldn't help but be most picky in this area when planning!

Pieter and both of our dads put their carpentry skills to great use in creating a set of free-standing doors to create the look of a building, even though the ceremony was outdoors. They also constructed a stage, of sorts, surrounded by homemade wooden crates created from found pallets around our area. The aisle was lined with lanterns from the generous ladies of A Day In May, and the gentle flickering of the candles inside created some warmth on that blustery day.

Everything was perfect, as every wedding ought to be. The only time it rained was during the ceremony when everyone was safely inside the tent. And although the wind whipped through the sides of the tent, a rainbow peaked out through the clouds behind Pieter and I that could be seen through the audience. It really was a dream come true.

Enjoy the photos of our ceremony in todays post, and look for next week's final post of the reception, and my final post as Steps to September.