J. Scheer & Co.- Gown Preservation

The candles are long blown out, you are back from your honeymoon and your wedding gown is still at your parents house with a dirty hem and red wine splatters from a groomsmen who bumped into you.  What is a bride to do?

When my first girlfriend got married we joked about "preserving" her gown.  We envisioned a funeral for bridal couture- a plastic coffin permanently sealed with a viewing window carefully displaying the satin and lace and the last memories of the first day that marked the rest of her life.   We vowed to have parties where we would all wear our gowns again as it seemed so sad to shove Reem, Vera and Monique into a box and hide them in a closet, or even worse... under a bed.

I purchased my gown from Roma Sposa Atelier in Birmingham, Michigan and at my final fitting Seka, my amazing seamstress, mentioned J. Scheer & Co. to me.  Draped in the amazing talents of Monique Lhuillier and I knew ultimately I would preserve my gown in the vain hopes a daughter or niece would wear it again.  After my wedding I contacted J. Scheer to learn about their process and was blown away!

First and foremost J. Scheer & Co. are are textile specialists.  They inspect every inch of your gown when it arrives and perform a full evaluation to determine the best method of preservation and treatment process for any stains.  Once the gown is treated/cleaned, using the same techniques found in museum collections, it is folded and placed in a truly acid free, archival quality box that's made to protect your gown from mold, humidity, light and insects. And the best part of all... the box can be opened again!

J. Scheer & Co. is located in New York- you can visit their website by clicking here!

Photo by Jen Kroll Photography