The Art of Cakes

Whenever I am a guest at a wedding I love to see the cake and I know everyone else does. The cake can truly be a true description of the style, colors, and feel of your wedding day. It can be that piece that pulls everything together. Cakes can serve as great detail shots for your photographer for you to remember it long past the day has come and gone. There are so many fun ways to play with Cake and make it completely unique to your style. Whether you have a modern style:

Or you are the shabby chic lover (like me!)

If you love layers of color:

Or if you want to bring in some Hand done Goodness to your Cake:

Lastly you can even bring in your dresses lace into the design of your cake along with your flowers and color combining everything to make a truely unique cake to your day.

How ever you may use your cake on your wedding day remember the possibilities are endless and that it can be one element that bring everything together in one place no matter what your style may be. Plus who doesn't love the sweet treat!!