2016 Wedding Planning Inspiration

It's official. 2015 is over and planning for 2016 weddings has kicked into high gear. If you're anything like us, you're still recovering from the holidays and aren't ready to be back to work and real life yet. If you're also planning your wedding right now, you're no doubt inundated with articles, advice, and lists. Lots and lots of lists. 

So today, instead of a list (that'll be coming next week ;), we invite you to give your brain a rest and enjoy these 2016 wedding inspiration photos we've gathered for you on Pinterest!

2016 Wedding Inspiration

The DIY Wedding

DIY elements can add unique and memorable details to your day or they can be the cause of stress and strife. How can you get the former without the latter? Here are some tips:

  • Be honest about the amount of time and energy you want to commit to wedding DIY. Is this something you’re willing to spending hours on each week for the next few months? If it is, great! Go for it! If it’s not, that’s where Etsy comes in.
  • Pinterest: a beautiful, dangerous place. With Pinterest there are thousands of wedding crafts, designs, and ideas at our fingertips. However, as many of us already know from personal experience, everything on Pinterest does not turn out looking like the picture. My suggestion is to use this bounty of inspiration for just that, inspiration. 
  • Use real weddings as a guide. Nothing can show you what looks good better than an actual wedding. I don’t mean copying exactly what someone else did. I mean picking and choosing what works from other weddings in order to create your unique vision.

According to bride Ashley, whose DIY details are above, if you can’t rent exactly what you’re looking for, it’s time to DIY. See the full post of Ashley & Jonathan’s wedding here.

What are your DIY wedding tips? Things that work or don’t work?

My Lovely North: Reused Blooms

Having purchased our first home as newlyweds, my creativity was inevitably inspired by all of the blank canvases. We moved in and right away I knew I needed to make it our own. Besides knowing we needed to make our new space work, something that had also been on my mind was repurposing our wedding décor within our home. I knew some of it would require installation rather than simple placement, my mind directed to my most fragile pieces: the floral.

During my floral selection, I knew I wanted to choose floral that I both loved and that would potentially last a bit longer than others. Cabbage Roses took the place of Peonies when I was reminded they wouldn’t be in season during our ceremony, and fresh Carolina Cotton worked its was into my bouquet to reflect the rustic, yet soft nature of our décor. Grey Brunia Berries and sprigs of babies breath added texture and variation, whereas the yellow Billy Balls and fresh Clovers brought it all to life. My biggest concern after the wedding was how to keep all of my flowers after they’ve served their initial purpose.

I turned to Google, Pinterest, Tumblr and blog after blog, seeking ideas for how to reuse, repurpose, re-anything my floral. What I found were wreathes, flower boxes, pressed petals, etc.. In essence, nothing I was looking to do. After feeling increasingly guilty at the thought of throwing away this beautiful, perfect bouquet and thinking to myself ‘how can I use you?’, it finally hit me: use it how it was made to be used. Why try and repurpose something so lovely into something it wasn’t intended to be?

I rifled through our copious amounts of boxes downstairs until I found a box contained several of the mason jars used throughout our wedding. I gently removed my blooms out of their storage and placed them into their new corresponding homes, setting them on top of our living room bookcase. Furthermore I set them alongside our wedding dictionary in which each of our guests selected a word to represent Pieter and I and placed inside. It was perfect.

I may never be able to relive our wedding day, but I feel like the more hints of wedding that I surround myself with, the more I’m reminded of how perfect our day was. It may not be the most elaborate way to reuse my wedding decor, but it's a way that fits and there's no better way than that. Throughout our ‘nesting’ process, I’ll be sure to elaborate on the ways we reuse our décor and hopefully it will inspire something in all you lovely, newlywed readers.