Printing Styles: Introduction

  Not only does the design matter in incorporating the theme but also the choice of printing style and at Hitch Studio we try to help brides make decisions that not only fit their budget but also their event. There are many options to bring in unique elements to your event through printing styles and stationery design. But unless you are working in the printing industry on one level or another you may not know what options you have.

So I would love to break it down into simpler terms through a series of "Printing Style" posts.

There are about 4 popular printing styles that are readily available and commonly used. I will show you examples of all styles and explain the positives and negatives of each. We want to make sure our brides are well informed to make decisions that make their big day perfect for them.

The options that are available are as follows:

1. Digital

2. Letterpress

3. Off-set


4. Screen Print

I will begin explaining the different styles starting with Digital, which is the most commonly used.  The next few blog posts I will be intermingling this serious amongst posts and will do my best to put in the simplest terms possible the differences between all these printing styles and the things you should know as you are making this decision.