Out and About: Becky Thatcher Designs

Looking for unique jewelry options to accent your wedding gown or bridal shower outfit? Becky Thatcher Designs of Downtown Traverse City has an eclectic selection of gorgeous, nature-inspire designs to stand out with you on your special day. Her designs may include pearls from Tahiti and gemstones from Sri Lanka, but her creations tug at our love for Northern Michigan with her implementing of beautiful Northern Michigan’s shorelines. Becky Thatcher Designs is truly unique place to select your jewelry for your special day.

Visiting Becky’s store in Downtown Traverse City (one of four stores), brings you into her inspiration by surrounding each jewels display with the mosses, driftwood and birch trees of our beloved Northern Michigan landscapes. She has a talent for creating the subtle, aged creases in her ‘bark-like’ silver ring designs, and the perfect eye to match natural colors with her delicate gold bracelets. Each design is so unique and obvious in its inspiration.

Whether your style is rustic and natural or smooth and classic, Becky Thatcher’s designs carry a special weight in representing Northern Michigan in jewelry creation. Her styles would be beautiful for a ceremony set outdoors on any of our breath taking shorelines or snuggled into the rows of our many rolling vineyards. If perhaps something strikes your interest but isn’t just right, Becky also works with the designing of your own ideas.

Incorporating a design element as special as combining stories of our lakeshores with stones from Mt. Kilimanjaro in your wedding will truly set apart your special day. Nestled in Harbor Springs, Traverse City, Leland and Glen Arbor, Becky Thatcher Designs is a store I find hard to leave. Stop by any of her lovely stores to get started in choosing your ‘special moment’ jewelry.

If you can’t make it to one of Becky’s stores, head over to their store page for any questions!