The Creation of the Centerpiece

What is a table without some beauty to stare at - without a central focus to illuminate the guests of a small story told in a gathering of telling objects?

It is my belief that every small décor piece comes together to truly make a wedding. Every adornment playing its part in the day, be it the ceremony or the reception, holds its own visual purpose. The centerpiece is not just a candle, vase or birdcage, it represents, be it a small way, the way the groom and bride have come together in their personalities.

At least my dog seemed interested with where my thought process was headed. Either that or it could have been dinnertime…I guess I’ll never know.

But in all seriousness, it took me a long time to come to a committed decision of the centerpiece design (and yes, there’s a possibility of change), but I think it’s because it will be the one commonality between each table that will tie the room together. Being detail oriented, this is important to me!

In both Pieter’s taste, and in my own, simplicity is the name of the game. Because of this mind set, I’ve boiled down our centerpieces to be that of 3 pieces: flowers (and greens), painted assorted glassware and cans, which will all set on 1.5” thick slices of wood. I spent a bit of time today exploring exactly what it takes to color bottles and cans.

I found that the longer you soak the wine bottles (about 15 minutes) the easier the labels come off. It takes approximately two coats of paint per bottle and a steady hand. Time wise and most effective method would involve spray paint, but I can’t help but appreciate the calm sit-down style of hand painting the bottles. Perhaps after bottle number 50, I’ll see it in less of a starry-eyed way. That’s what willing friends and bridesmaids are for. ;)

The flowers and slabs of wood will have to come later, but anything that I can do early on will ease any preparation stresses later on. I’ve got a long way and many bottles to go, but it’s an important process and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Happy planning!