My Lovely North: Colors, Textures and Patterns

It's been a whirlwind, yet fantastic couple of relaxing weeks here at the Sheridan residence. Pieter and I spent time with old friends, biked all over Traverse City, enjoyed laughter with family and spent any day on the beach that the rain didn't spoil. As Cherry Festival wound down, friends returned home and slowly the tourist gave us our little town back. Although I loved our vacation time, being back to a normal working schedule also means back to home projects!

I've always loved the idea of reclaiming something. I love the concept of taking an object and re-establishing it into a part of your home that reflects your taste. When Pieter and I got married we didn't have much in the line of 'vintage home pieces' but we eventually acquired a lovely, half-restored dresser that will soon become a neatly crafted bar cart. I got the idea when I realized the amount of glassware we have (and don't always use) would be silly to fill our cupboards when we could use the space for other items. Plus, who doesn't love a cute bar cart...? I would live and breathe DIY projects if a could, but one here and there will do just fine!

Our house is in desperate need of some color. Although I greatly appreciated, and understand, the choice to paint the entire house beige before the seller sold it, but it gets a bit bland after a few months. I spent a good hour and a half at Joanns' the other day running my hands down their eclectic collection of fabrics. I love the bursts of color, soft textures and original patterns - Hopefully I can find a way to fill my house without it leading to a feel of crazed, color madness!

I'll be journaling our house project along the way and hopefully some of you incredible newlyweds have some handy suggestions of how-to's, along with a nice list of 'do's' and do 'not's'. It's a huge project, to make your first house to a home, but I know that alongside my best man, it's going to be a great ride.

Oh and did ya'll know that I'm 26 now? Cheers to growing up and growing old with the best person by your side.