Out and About: Underground Cheesecake Company

Gently tucked among the towering pine trees of the Grand Traverse Commons is Traverse City's very own Underground Cheesecake Company. Serving delicious cakes, cheese cakes, bite-sized morsels and even cheese cake by the slice or 'mini', is one of the most delicious bakeries in The Village. They also offer up soups of the day and a cute little dining area, but I challenge you to get soup and NOT dessert when you're surrounded by the decadence of each sweet flavor option.

Perfect for a bridal shower or even a wedding, UCC can provide for you a classic cake, signature cheesecake or any and all of their scrumptious options. Heed the warning common in most wedding planning, if you know your date, book it! Because of the high-demand during the months of August and September, UCC can quickly become booked with orders so reserve yours the moment you know your date, or you may be left yearning that delicious Black Forest cheesecake or Strawberries & Cream cheesecake bites. For more information on wedding cake or cheesecake selections, click here.

Can't get down The Village but you're craving that delicious cheesy goodness? Cheesecake Company can be found in the freezer section of local grocery stores like Oleson's, Burritts and Deerings to name just a few.

Underground Cheesecake Factory is serving up some truly impeccable desserts and they would be a wonderful choice for any event, but a really quite sweet one for your upcoming wedding. Stop on by to take a taste for yourself!