SBW Vendor Spotlight: City Opera House

According to many recent posts, polls and websites, Traverse City is where it's at in Northern Michigan!  Whether it's the food, wine, local brews or just nature in general that has drawn you here, chances are if you're picking Traverse City as the destination for your wedding, your wedding guests will enjoy it just as much as you do.  So why move hundreds of guests outside Traverse City's limits when you could host your wedding reception conveniently downtown?

Adjacent to limitless options of restaurants and bars, boutiques, hotels and other businesses, the City Opera House [COH] blends seamlessly into Traverse City's Front Street district.  Whether you take the elevator or the one flight of stairs, once you arrive in the opera house, you will be taken back in time to the 1890's when the COH originally opened it's doors.  Lovingly known as "The Grand Old Lady", the word "grand" is in fact an understatement.  The rich wood floors, red velvet chairs, Edison Light bulbs and elaborately painted ceiling all add to the appeal of this fabulous venue drawing attention front and center to the perfectly framed stage.  A room that drips in glamor and charm, whether you're seeing a show here or hosting an event, the COH is not your typical event space and will be sure to impress.  Be sure to check out both of the City Opera House's Vendor Profiles under the "Ceremony & Reception Locations" and "Rehearsal Dinner Locations" sections of the Vendor Guide.

Photos courtesy of A Day in May, Event Planning & Design