The Consultation: Advice From Your Local Florist

It is our pleasure to welcome Kalin Sheick, owner of Stems and Sprigs, as our guest blogger! She will be joining us once a month to talk about weddings, flowers, and Northern Michigan love!

Most brides that I sit down with for a consultation all have a similar speech. They love flowers, like the look, but don't know how expensive they are and exactly the types and varieties they are looking for. This month we are tackling that first meeting - whether over the phone or in person with a steaming hot cup of coffee, there are three components to achieving the best outcome for your floral consultation. 

VISION: How do you want your wedding day to feel? Is this a wild, blow out party on the beach? Or a quiet, intimate backyard affair? When you meet with your designer, before you even dive into specific flowers, gush about your wedding day for as long as you want. It helps us see clearly the vision you have and how flowers will play a role in that. Do you see yourself carrying something with clean lines and a very classic look? Or do you imagine an armful of freshly gathered blooms loosely tied with silk ribbon? You don't need to know exact flower types and varieties, or even color! Our job as designers is to help you with those questions, but what you feel, imagine, and dream for your day is important to know from the get go. 

TRUST: Now that we know your vision and have heard your love story. It's time for trust. Floral designers are artists. When finding the perfect one for you, trust is one of the most crucial parts of the vendor-client relationship. In the industry we always gush about clients that 'completely trusted us' or 'put their creative trust in our hands' because those are the events we feel best creating for. Hire someone you can trust. Someone you feel comfortable sharing your vision with, nailing down some details, and then feeling confident that on your wedding day your flowers will be everything you ever dreamed. 

BUDGET: Nobody likes talking numbers. Trust me. But its important. Budgeting for floral can be tough because its a very hard product for the general public to estimate price on. Your best bet is to come in with an idea of what you want to spend. Every wedding is different. For some, flowers are not an important part of the equation and a few designs is all they need, while for others flowers can be the most important part. Base your floral budget on how important flowers are to you. Any good designer is going to be honest with you about pricing and the process. Want to save money on your flowers? Research with your designer what is in season, blooming locally & consider 'repurposing' some ceremony designs for your reception. With a bit of brainstorming, all your flower dreams can come true on your budget. 

In the end, trust your gut. When I was booking vendors for our wedding (in Petoskey!) I put a lot of weight in how I felt when I was meeting with people for the first time. If you're comfortable, having fun, getting excited and are at ease, then this is how wedding planning should feel. Remember that in the end of all of this, your love story is what matters most, and celebrating that story in front of those who love you. Have fun, and flower on. 

WHAT'S BLOOMING BONUS: As we move into December its time to start thinking green. The best part about this time of the year is that beautiful greenery is available almost anywhere you go. Once you've purchased your garland or wreath of choice, dress it up with natural textured elements. Sticks, pinecones, branches, paper birch bark, these can all transform your wreath from green and flat to three dimensional. Note: have you seen what is available at craft stores for decorating? Friends, gold, silver and red everything for basically pennies. Snag a few of these and you're good to go! Have fun in this next month and remember what its all about! Cheers! 



Weber Photography

Weber Photography

Kalin Sheick is the owner and lead designer for Stems & Sprigs, a boutique floral design company that loves Northern Michigan. Stems & Sprigs specializes in garden inspired, natural designs with a touch of whimsy. When she's not floralizing for events, Kalin is spending time with her family on the lake, exploring the outdoors with her 'wolf pack' (husband and dog), and hosting dinner parties for friends. You can follow along on her Northern Michigan adventures by joining her tribe on the Stems & Sprigs blog, or following them on Instagram