Ask the Expert | Kenna McDonald: Everything Gal

How long have you been in the industry and what drew you to it in the first place?

I’ve been baking ever since I could hold a wooden spoon and see above the countertop, but once I went to culinary school in Chicago in 2009, I began baking professionally. I moved back to my hometown in Northern Michigan in 2011, which is when I established Everything Gal. I was born a sweet tooth, which is what initially sparked my interest, but the infinite opportunities for creativity that desserts offer are what keep me hooked.

How would you describe your business and/or your specialties?

Everything Gal provides a unique and delicious dessert experience for weddings and special events. Mini desserts and sweets are custom-designed and beautifully arranged to cater to guests’ varied tastes. The mini desserts and dessert displays are sure to be among the most memorable parts of the special event. Cake pops, mini cheesecakes, and mini pies are among Everything Gal’s more popular offerings.

What is your favorite part about baking for weddings?

I love that the selection of desserts that the bride and groom make are a reflection of their personal tastes. It allows the couple to portray to their guests a piece of what they love. I also love that all the decisions involving the display of the desserts end up feeding into a grand theme, from the colors of the cupcake liners and the cake pedestals to the labels for each individual dessert.

What advice could you give engaged couples in regards to hiring a baker?

I always like to get to know a bit about the bride and groom’s history and their favorite desserts. I feel that if I know them better, we can customize their dessert menu so that their guests feel they are gaining a better understanding of the couples themselves. So, make sure your baker is genuinely interested in your specific tastes and interests. Everyone will be happy in the end.

If you could give engaged couples one piece of advice as they move through the planning process, what would it be?

I used to be a financial analyst before I became a baker, and my most powerful planning tool is Microsoft Excel. There is no better way to keep lists and tasks organized! I used spreadsheets with multiple tabs to plan my own wedding, and I continue to use spreadsheets for Everything Gal’s events.

image of dessert table

SBW Vendor Spotlight: Everything Gal

Throughout the past five years, things like candy bars, cake pops, miniature desserts and dessert bars have been trending in the wedding industry and I can see why.  These items add one more place for a couple to put their personal touch on their big day, the elaborate displays can serve as decor and most importantly, who doesn't go weak in the knees for a sweet treat?!?!  Enter owner Kenna McDonald and her company Everything Gal.  Kenna is a Northern Michigan girl (born and raised) who has recently relocated back to the area after a few year stint in Chicago.  With a culinary degree under her belt (she's a professionally trained Pastry Chef!) Kenna and Everything Gal are now focused on bringing the sweet to your special event or wedding.  Whether you're looking to have a customized dessert bar, a few items for a party or menu ideas, Kenna is your gal.  Trust me when I say that her desserts are just as sweet as she is!  Be sure to check out Everything Gal's Vendor Profile under the "Cakes & Dessert" section of the Vendor Guide.

Photos courtesy of Dan Stewart Photography (top two) and Everything Gal (bottom two)