Out and About: 45 North

Keeping in line with the theme of wineries and fellowship among the wedding party brings us to 45 North, where generational ties run deep with three generations of Grossnickles and a reassembled 120 year old barn moved from Wisconsin to its new home in Lake Leelanau, MI. The name 45 North runs true to tradition and depth as the actual line of the 45th parallel runs between the wineries winding grape vines. 45 North is sure to bring you an exceptional wine experience and the memories to attest to it.

The entire feel of the location is truly breathtaking. The largely opened floor planned makes you feel as if you’re truly interacting with everyone around you. However if something slightly more intimate is on your mind, the quiet patio of the second story loft proves to be the perfect size for you and your fellows. If the warm scent of nutty wood doesn’t make you feel at home, surely the adorable roaming K9’s will.

Despite being able to seemingly perfect their Pinot Gris as well as their signature 45 White, 45 North’s fruit and specialty wines offer the most amazing Peach Cremant and Sparkling Strawberry for a refreshing and sweet treat. But don’t fall in love just yet until you’ve tried combining the two!

Every element within your experience at 45 North is sure to bring you back for more. Head on over to their about page to experience a bit of wine-making history, or take a drive yourself, enjoy the view of the drive, and sit on the deck to enjoy a glass.