Printing Styles: Going Digital

Chrissy and Sean came to Hitch with a very pointed look and style. I feel in love with their idea of doing something very clean metropolitan mixed with this very Northern Michigan warmth. With their wedding in the fall they wanted deep purples to be the main focus. It was a lot of fun to put this full suite together from beginning to end.

This is a wonderful example of how digital can work for almost anybody. The versatility that is available when designing is almost endless, which is what makes it one of the most popular printing styles across the board. That being said there are still some things to know because it may not be right for your vision or if you were like me and my husband you wanted to have a ton of fun with the stationery and do something that captured us, the event, and conquer something we hadn't done before (we did letterpress but we will get to that in another post).

So what are the positives of it

1. You can pretty much print whatever you want and are not limited by colors because the actual machine creates any color through a process of using tiny dots from four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). For instance, I had a friend who had a brother-in-law do a very cool painting of them and they wanted to use the image on their invites. It was much easier to let the printer create the colors itself than a designer manipulate the image and assign and match colors.

2. You can sometimes get prints the same day. Now it does not effect design process (meaning it does not make the designer take less time) but it does effect when you may receive the product. Other forms of printing can take a couple weeks so you have to think about that when setting deadlines. But with printing a lot of times you can send it in on Monday and have it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. The paper. The stock that you use in digital printers is can be much more affordable than the paper needed for printing styles like Letterpress and other forms.

The negatives:

1. It is hard to control consistency in color. Every digial printer is different so one color yellow may be different than another. Since each color is created by a computer telling the printer to let out this much of each color it can vary drastically sometimes. But with other forms of printing methods you assign a color, that is where the Pantone color system comes into play. You assign color by giving the color a Pantone number so you then are telling the printer to use that exact ink so there is no mixing. Giving you truer tones. Sometimes these colors can be affected by papers and coatings you choose but they should stay very consistent.

2. The texture. You will never get the textured feel with digital that you get with offset, screen print, or letterpress. These forms of printing also allow for printing on cotton fiber papers that create unique textures as well. Digital is just like placing a flat image on the paper and nothing else. The other forms allow you bring in depth in paper, raised lettering, and so on. You will see as we progress through the styles.

3. Forget metallics. If you were dreaming of going with metallic inks you mine as well forget it because when you use digital there is no way of getting that. That is something a Pantone tells the printer and since digital printing does not use Pantones there is no way of using them. It's pretty black and white.

Ultimately the negatives and positives don't outweigh each other but cost can. If you want something that is simple, straight forward, and quick than digital works great. You can have gorgeous invites and day of pieces with digital printing. At Hitch most of our brides go digital with their printing and they all have looked beautiful, unique, and captured their day. But there are other options so we will explore those in some of the following posts. A lot of brides and grooms do not make this overly important when making choices on their big day which gives digital a lot of leg up, but for the bride that is looking for something to cherish when it comes to their stationery keep reading on to the next printing style posts.

All work done by Hitch Design Studio