What Wedding Photographers Want

As a Photographer I am often asked "what do we need to do in order to get great photos of our wedding?".   The answer is as varied as the weddings that I photograph but there are a few consistencies that I found to be universal.

  • Schedule and engagement session with your photographer prior to your big day, this gives you all an opportunity to get to know one another  and typically yields some amazing photos doing what represents your tastes and style as a couple. A wonderful side-effect is that you will be WAAAAY more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.Stylized Engagement Session in Traverse City, MI Stylized Engagement Session in Traverse City, MIStylized Engagement Session in Traverse City, MI
  • Pay close attention to the details and create a beautiful environment, get rid of or hide extraneous back-ground clutter and un-attractive elements. This makes the job of your photographer much easier so they can focus on creating great images within a scene that lends itself to effortless beauty.Barn Wedding in Cedar, MIBarn Wedding in Cedar, MIBarn Wedding at Night in Cedar, MI
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting! Photographs are a product of light, if a scene has too much light it will look cheap and unflattering, too little and it will look empty and provide no ambiance and scale to the room.
  • If "fill the frame" is the photographer's mantra then "fill the space" is a wedding designer's. Doing so will make the space easier on the eyes and easier on the photographer.
  • Be sure to plan for plenty of time with your photographer for portraits of the two of you. The more time he/she has with you the more likely you are to create unique images. You can and should include the bridal party in this time-slot but be sure to sneak away for some intimate photo opportunities.
  • Talk with your photographer about back-up plans if the weather is less than desirable. Bad weather can look great if you are prepared enough to make it contribute to the scene.

  • Hire your photographer for a Day-After Photo Shoot. Often referred to as a Trash-The-Dress Session but can simply be an extension of your wedding day providing and opportunity to do things and go places that would be impossible during your wedding day. This can be done without trashing your dress too!Trash The Dress Photo Shoot, Leelanau, MI
    Trash The Dress Photo Shoot, Leelanau, MI

    Trash The Dress Photo Shoot, Leelanau, MI Trash The Dress Photo Shoot, Leelanau, MI

  • Last, but by no means least is; HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER this is often the single difference between a "nice" wedding experience and an "excellent" wedding experience for you and your guests. In the absence of a Wedding Planner your photographer is left pulling double-duty as photographer and coordinator for the days events, keeping everyone on schedule and on-time. This sounds like a good deal but there is only so much coordinating a photographer can do without missing key moments of your day.A Day In May Events Staff and Cory Weber Photography Staff