Food for Thought

This past weekend Pieter and I headed out to the Vineyard Inn, and specifically Corky’s Bistro, to taste test our food options for the reception. Realizing that we missed our two-year anniversary due to Pieter's work, we decided to stay the night at the Inn and make a little weekend vaca out of it.

Traditionally, Wine Country Weddings offered a classic food menu, until their recent addition of their spin on pit barbeque. Perhaps it’s our barn setting, or our love for barbeque, but whatever it was, we were immediately drawn to their new pit option. After reading the menu descriptions, I had it in my mind that it would be a bit rustic - hearty and delicious, but rustic none-the-less.

We were immediately blown away when we were seated on their beautiful patio, served sparkling wine and served our first plate: Roasted Corn Salsa with Roasted Pita Points. We were instantly impressed at the lovely plating and very upscale experience, compared to my assumed ‘rustic’ thought process. (You’d think that by now in our planning process, I’d have taken Alicia and Cammie’s advice to never assume anything…)

Our awe-struck condition didn’t stop at our first tasting. With every serving, we were astounded at the gorgeous plating and rich, but light, tastes. I have to say that when we were picking options for our tasting, I presumed that there would be dishes that we possibly wouldn’t love and would need to choose a substitute dish. This was never the case with any of Chef Michael’s creations. After every plate, we became more and more excited to include each of them in our official menu.

Our menu for the evening is as follows:

Caesar Salad Roasted Corn Salsa with Roasted Pita Points Fried Wanton dusted in Corky's Dry Rub and topped with Pulled Pork Pleva Sausage Skewers with Cherries and Cheese (not pictured) Mixed Vegetables or Collard Greens (also not pictured and TBD) Half a Chicken with Dipping BBQ Sauces Flank Steak Fajitas with Roasted Corn Salsa

Everything was so delicious, everyone at Corky’s was truly sweet, kind and informative and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our two-year anniversary, than confirming the menu of our Northern Michigan Wedding.