Introducing: Ask the Expert

Because we love YOU, our readers, we are switching things up a bit at Simply Blue. Your feedback has been invaluable.

From here on out, every Wednesday we will post a column titled (you guessed it!) "Ask the Expert". The founding members will be tapping into their local and national network of chefs, authors, design professionals, fellow bloggers, photographers and event industry insiders.

We will be interviewing these "experts" on all topics from the intricacies of letterpress printing to how to cook with your new spouse to how to choose a color palette for your big day.

We are thrilled to bring the expertise of these individuals to our blog.  At Simply Blue, it is our intention to provide you with valuable information about the all things related to weddings, being newlyweds and Northern Michigan!  Alicia, Cory and I are truly looking forward to bringing this "insider trading" to our readership.

See you next Wednesday!