My Lovely North: Vendor Gems

Throughout my year of insanity with planning my wedding, I found that although I loved the local vendors we utilized, there were a few that really blew my socks off and I felt they should share some spotlight in this week’s post. As well as sharing some sunshine on a few local vendors, I wanted to support those we reached out to across our beautiful country in efforts of creating the wedding of our dreams. As much as Pieter and I desperately tried to keep everything close to home, there are some things that just can’t be acquired in our little hometown, and they should feel special too!

The first local vendor that I have to sing praises on is Scott Perry with 2Bays DJs. I was recommended him by fellows in the industry and upon meeting him; we immediately knew why he came to be so highly praised. Scott is comfortable to talk to, knowledgeable and above all else, concerned in knowing exactly what you want for music. The day of the wedding he was there extremely early to make sure that everything was set up perfectly and everything he needed was there. I can’t say enough about Scott!

Secondly I want to discuss Potters Bakery. We selected Potters for the reason of location (it was literally blocks away), years of industry experience and cost. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the process. About 8 weeks before our wedding, we ventured in to fill out a small (and I mean SMALL) form; provide a photo of what style we were looking for, and taste-test. We paid for our cake in advance and confirmed our time to pick it up - it was that easy (and not to mention, delicious!).

Finally I wanted to send some love to my gown shop – Renee Austin Wedding. Although Renee Austin isn’t exactly ‘local’, it still resides in our beautiful state, just hours away, in Grand Rapids. I stumbled on Renee Austin when trying to nail down Michigan locations that carry Wtoo Bridal and of all the locations I ventured to, Renee Austin was by far the most impressive. They were accommodating, knowledgeable and genuinely devoted to their time with me. I worked with a girl named Emily and although I only saw her just a few times throughout my selection process, she remembered me every time I walked in. They even have a preferred seamstress who accommodated her time to be there during the best time for me. I love Renee Austin!

To extend my gratitude to those web-based vendors, I’d like to start with this amazing site called Save On Crafts. This little gem is truly just that. I found this site upon searching “DIY” in Pinterest and I’ve never looked back. Whether you’re planning a wedding or building your nest, this site is seriously fabulous. It seems like I still haven’t looked at everything they have to offer, and I love that their prices are extremely fair.

Second on my site list is BBJ Linen. Pieter and I wanted to rent linens for our tables but wanted someone reliable, someone with limitless colors and textiles; someone like BBJ. They deliver your linens a couple days before the event and ask only that they are in their bag, ready to go for pickup. They also follow up to see how your experience was and ask of anything they could improve on. Easy. Fast. Impressive.

And of course, we have Etsy. Yes, most of you are already going to be familiar with Etsy, however they really were a huge help in my wedding. Not only did I find my bridesmaid’s gifts and cake topper idea from Etsy, but it’s also a great resource for selling décor from your wedding that you don’t want to keep. This is a hard decision, I'll admit, but you have to get creative if you're planning on keeping a set of free standing doors.

I hope this list helps all of you beautiful, Northern Michigan couples plan your wedding and select your vendors!