Welcome Home, Sailor.

Pay close attention to the photo above, as it came only after a very hectic and hard day of updating, planning and solidifying. Pieter came home last week after being gone for 10 ½ weeks at work and we had a LOT of catching up to do. It had been so long, and having him home truly feels like it's been a dream. Having to prepare and work so hard on everything wedding related for so long, seems to have slipped on by knowing that Pieter's here with me now, by my side, supporting and loving me at home rather than from across the globe. After an eventful weekend, we decided it was time to start talking 'wedding'. We set an early alarm, popped into Brew at 8am, got some coffee into us, and dove into getting Pieter up to speed.

After Brew, we headed north just past Suttons Bay to the office of Wine Country Weddings to meet with Michele – our event liaison. We had a ton of questions to go over that we had been writing down throughout our planning as well as a few subjects to discuss and confirm details on. It’s so very important to make sure that you’re on the same page with your location’s liaison to make sure you won’t show up the day of your wedding with ideas based on assumptions!

We came away from our meeting feeling far more prepared, not to mention just plain relieved! I’m telling you, those little lists come in handy. We nailed down transportation, timeline, set up details, guest count, décor options and much, much more! I wouldn’t have known half of the questions to ask, had it been for the incredible advice and guidance of the girls of A Day In May.

Earlier this week I spent a couple of hours with the amazing powerhouse duo: Alicia and Tana at their office while they multi-multi-MULTI-tasked. They took such good care of me, making sure that I was addressing all of the questions I would have had no idea to, such as ‘who’s going to be alerting the DJ for the ceremony song and direction guests around the location?’, ‘how early can you set up?’ and ‘what kind of setup is included’.  It pays to know such amazing ladies who have been through weddings upon weddings to help support you through such stressful periods of time before the wedding.

It seems like we’re only days away (perhaps because…we are!) and it’s getting down to the wire. Keeping sane, enjoying the moment and pressing onward – here’s to the preparations!