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It’s becoming that time during the year when wedding showers are springing up around us, and this translates to: it’s time to register! For Pieter and I, it was certainly fun, but surprisingly more so of an educational process.

We began our registry process by determining where we should register. Besides liking certain design styles, we also wanted to make sure that there would be options for both our sake and the sake of our guests. We chose Pottery Barn, Younkers and HoneyFund as our best ‘online selective’ registries, and then Target and Bed Bath & Beyond to be a more commonly located and known source.

Our registry began at Target, where it was definitely more about the ‘willy-nilly’ wants than anything else – random kitchen items, outdoor décor, etc. The real education began on our second stop – Bed Bath & Beyond. They were incredibly gracious upon our arrival, sitting us down in a little office area, handing us piles of information, and educating us on selection, time frames and numbers.

He suggested that during our registering, we step back from our current living situation and register not only for the present but also to consider the first two years of our marriage, and what we might need in those beginning days. This is something we hadn’t really considered, and took to be extremely insightful information. It’s easy to think of current colors, cabinet space and room sizes, but due to our current house being a rental and not permanent, it wouldn’t make sense to register specifically for it.

The second most interesting point he made was telling us that the average couple receives 2.5 gifts for every invitation that’s sent out. In other words, for the 115 invitations plus 3 wedding shower invites, at an estimated 20/30 people per party, we could expect to receive …over 400 gifts. GRANTED…this includes cash gifts, small items, large items and gift cards. The whole situation simply blew my mind. We needed to amp up our list a bit and forego any hesitation.

We were then set up with our scanner; given a clipboard, check list and bottled water. The staff was energetic and passionate about helping us with any question we could think of, and making the right choices for our personal style – there’s a lot more to choosing pots and pans than one would think…

It was honestly a rather tiring process, and we even took a couple days for a break before finishing our registry with BB&B. It's a mind set to put yourself into and choosing to register at two locations in one day was perhaps a bit too much. The most important thing to us was to remember to have fun, be relaxed and don't forget to be a little silly: aka - myself in Pieter's chosen farming hat and watering can. (no, it is not on the registry.)

Happy scanning!

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