Gentleman Threads

A couple weeks back, Pieter and I ventured down to Captain’s Quarters to take a second look at our selected suit choices. We had already narrowed our choice to suits over tuxes for the sake of keeping our style fresh and light. We also knew that we wanted something a bit more modern cut, as even though I thought of suits as a newer style, many of them still have a pleated, high waist pant, and a lower cut vest, disabling it from really being seen if the jacket is buttoned. Still a bit torn, we had to take a bit more to think about it. It wasn’t until Pieter went back a few days ago that we truly made our decision.

We couldn’t decide on a color (light vs. darker grey) and we also were unsure of styles, as the grey we wanted also came with the pants we did NOT want. Oof! It took some thinking at home and exploring of blogs to make our decision on the color and style we wanted to commit to. The one blessing for us was knowing we wanted to work with Captain’s Quarters because of their incredible staff, flexibility in working with our variously located groomsman, and being locally owned!

After considering our options, we decided on going with a darker grey suit to meet our appeal towards a more modern pant and jacket. We also realized that the darker grey looks great with the brown leather Sperry’s that Pieter and the groomsman will be sporting. We have yet to decide on tie colors, but we know we want to go with a pattern – whether it’s paisley, damask or a plaid. We also have yet to choose our tie color, but like the suit style, Captain’s Quarters assured us of our time frames and vast amount of options.

We also determined that to set Pieter apart a bit, he would wear a jacket, whereas the groomsman would only sport vests over their white shirts. I can’t wait to see all of his dapper men standing beside him! For a sneak peak to what we're planning: Happy Planning!

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