This Is It.

Here it is, folks. This post today is the last as a ‘single girl’ and my last post of the Steps to September – or at least in the preparation stages, that is. This entire experience with Simply Blue not only has prepared me for what it takes to plan a wedding, but has also empowered my creativity as a designer. Throughout this experience, I’ve truly appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts and inspiration with those who stop on by every Thursday to see what’s new. I’ll just have to say ‘see ya later’ because that’s just what I’ll do.

I don’t like to think of this post as ‘saying goodbye’; rather to think of it as beginning a new chapter in the future to come. Pieter’s and my wedding offers such a great and unforgettable opportunity to start a life together in ways we never dreamed possible. The amount of support, advice and lesions learned during this whole process will never be forgotten, nor will it be taken for granted. Months of planning and we’re in the final stretch. With every hour, it seems to set in that I’m going to be married in this weekend. Married…wow!

I thought about revealing my dress in this post, and then I thought ‘what am I, crazy!?’. No bride EVER reveals her dress before the wedding! Sorry folks, you’re just going to have to wait until our photographer gets those beautiful pictures prepared. And to think, by the time I’ll post those babies, I’ll be a Sheridan and just getting home from a fabulous honeymoon! All good things come at a small price, however. Planning a wedding and honeymoon certainly doesn’t come without a little bit of sweat, splinters and lessons learned.

Here’s a little list of things we had to finish up in the past couple of weeks: wedding dress alterations, final vender meetings, ceremony/reception layout, designing and printing of anything paper-related, marriage license application and license pick-up, décor purchasing and assembling, music selection for the DJ, bridesmaid gifts/groomsman gifts – to be honest I could probably go on for another paragraph, but I’ll spare you the reading material. ;)

The point is, these past two weeks have been insanity, but in the best way. In two days, I get to marry the man of my dreams and know that for the rest of my life, I have my best friend by my side. It may be easy to order linens and pick color schemes, but nothing compares to knowing you’ve found ‘the one’.

Cheers to a new life, a fabulous wedding, and to starting the new chapter of a married life in Northern Michigan.