The Rehearsal

The pressure of wedding projects upon deadlines on top of crafts don’t seem to hold a candle to the weight of the rehearsal – or at least for this girl. Although the rehearsal is a day for enjoying time with your family and friends in celebration of what’s to come, it’s also a key time to be finalizing exact layouts of your décor, distributing itineraries to your wedding party and making sure each detail is perfect. You’ve got to be on your toes and prepared for left-field surprises, especially if you're not able to set up yourself.

If I could offer one piece of advice for the day before your wedding, it would be to make sure you accomplish everything you need to before hand. Having the day to relax, prepare and savor rather than stress and run around made all of the difference for me and I couldn’t imagine having had a to-do list to attend to. Be relaxed, keep your head on and stay on course. Make sure to take advantage of your officiant's experience to answer any questions regarding the process of the ceremony. Once all of the requirements, questions and finalizations are done, it's going to be a huge weight off of your shoulders!

Pieter and I spent the morning and early afternoon doing just as I mentioned before – relaxing. We new we had an important job ahead of us and we wanted to be as care-free as we could allow ourselves. We ventured out to Crooked Creek for our rehearsal, eagerly anticipating a night full of family-togetherness, laughter and finally a little bit of relief. We practiced the ceremony's timing and then practiced it once more, on a suggestion from our officiant. I highly recommend this, as the second time around I was much more relaxed! After we finished up at the ranch, we ventured slightly south along M-22 to Hilltop Lodge: a stunning lodge rented by Pieter's parents. It was placed perfectly on top of a hill over looking West Bay where we were fortunate enough to celebrate the rehearsal dinner.

We laughed, ate and socialized until late into the night until we had to force ourselves away to get some much-needed rest before the big day. It was strange to part from Pieter, knowing that the next day we would be seeing each other as soon-to-be man and wife. I can't describe the way it felt, but I can tell you this: when you experience knowing that everything you've worked so hard for is finally just hours away, and when you realized that you're pledging your love to the man of your dreams in front of everyone, nothing in the world could bring you down from that happiness. I went to bed that night a little nervous, a little anxious, and very, very thankful.

The rehearsal day won't compare to your wedding day, but it sure is a day to remember so savor every moment!

Photos thanks to family, friends and my beautiful bridesmaids.