The Gown

It's not the gown that makes the bride, but it sure makes a girl feel special. Choosing my dress (and not sharing it with you all!) was definitely a tedious process - that is up until you find the perfect one. All of the searching, zipping, buttoning, sucking in and strapping up come to a screaching hault and fade away as you put that one, perfect dress - realizing that you've finally found the one.

Something to keep in mind when begin your search is to certainly look ahead of time for dresses that you think will compliment you or dresses that you simply think are great. However the biggest advice I have is keep an open mind and listen to the suggestions and advice of the people with you. Gown specialists have years of experience in what compliments body types and although a dress they may hold up in front of you isn't something you had pictured in your mind, it may just pleasantly surprise you.

I say to take this advice because I followed it myself. I was 100% certain that I wanted an all-lace, mermaid cut gown. As you can see from my dress below, you can instantly notice that my dress fits neither of those characteristics.

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