The First Batch

I have to say that the moment I received the first batch of RSVP’s, it made the stress of cutting out, addressing, stamping, stuffing and sending of the invites completely worth it. Having Pieter gone during the preparation process wasn’t easy, as I could have definitely used a second hand, however I also realized that I’m QUITE particular about many aspects within the addressing and cutting, and it makes me wonder how much I would have actually let him help. ;) Surely it must have been the designer in me!

One aspect that I assumed would be simple, would be taking the RSVP cards, piling them up and moving on with the seating chart. That is until I realized that not everyone includes all of the information necessary. Some RSVP’s have names, some don’t. Some of them include their choice in food, some don’t. Therefore, I realized that I need to be very careful about keeping all of the information provided in the RSVP’s in a spreadsheet; anything to make this process organized and simple!

As I wait for more RSVP’s to arrive, I can’t be sitting around! I’ve started working on the table numbers, and although it’s a slow process with a lot of precise x-acto slices, I love the creativity involved! Although I have once again changed my design on the center pieces - now they will be 1/2 gallon mason jars set atop 3 slabs of an oak tree and filled fresh cotton bouquets - I have at least confirmed my decision and am in good shape for time. It’s really crazy to me how short every hour seems to feel the closer the wedding comes. Here’s to staying strong and pressing onward! Cheers!