Woodwork and Light

The pre-wedding stresses, broken nails, paper cuts and hours upon hours of hard work pay off to create every fine detail of the wedding. In this weeks post, I’d like to share photos of the beautiful décor we worked so very hard to image and then create. I’d like to share with you all today, the spoils of so much hard work. This post will be dedicated to the little pieces that came together to make our day oh-so-big.

I have to first and foremost thank my incredible photographer for letting me pester her into an early release of some photos in the name of the blog! She’s beyond a dream to work with and her talent speaks for itself. I also have to bring our beautiful location, Crooked Creek Ranch and our fabulous florist Christina with Field of Flowers Farm into the spotlight during this post, as you’ll surely see their impressive work.

Next week look for photos of the ‘pre-wedding’ preparations with my girls, Pieter with his gents and what it takes to prepare to be wedded.