Planning Chaos and Staying Sane

It’s madness, it’s craze and sometimes it’s justified by the phrase “bride-brain”. We’re less than two weeks away (really less than one and a half weeks, but for the sake of my sanity, let’s say two) and we’re on the ‘building frenzy/finalization/’what-is-sleep?’-portion of the show. I’m trying my best not to forget this process, as I really do love the crafting and creativity involved with each of our ‘September Steps’, but it’s a commitment to make sure your sanity doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Planning a wedding will most certainly (at one point) become chaos…in a fabulously organized manner, of course, and with the best project partner one could ask for. ;)

Your final two weeks (or at least ours) has been sketches on napkins, late nights, early mornings, and more trips to Michaels than I’d like to admit to. It’s all for the greater good, though. Let us keep that in mind, shall we? It’s trips to places you’d never think to visit and more time on your computer than feeling the sun kiss your face. Planning a wedding is like planning a crazy circus. You have to know how to direct and wrangle your animals, treat your visitors to luster and sparkle, keeping your whip safely holstered and not forgetting a few pies to the face to keep things light. Planning a wedding is stressful nad trying, but most of all…magnificent.

If you’re lucky enough to have a man by your side like I do;  You have nothing to worry about. Pieter and I have been feverishly working all hours of the day (and sometimes night) to bring together each décor piece, to find the perfect wedding vows and to keep in mind what really matters: us. We’re nearing the end, folks It’s been such a wild ride and I could never appreciate it more than I do in these crazy two weeks. Check out some pictures of our process: Note Aries is at least catching her zzz's. Happy planning!