Our First Look

Pieter and I spent a lot of time determining whether or not to do a 'pre-ceremony' first look, and after much thought and weighing the pros and cons, our decision lead us to a special moment before our wedding spent on just us two. There were certainly many reasons but a large contributing factor is that both of our families are rather emotional and I didn't want to be a mess walking down the aisle. It's kind of that scenario of one person crying from seeing another - well I knew walking down the aisle without a first look would lead to a whole-hearted cry-fest. We also felt that buy seeing each other before the ceremony in a private setting - just us two - that it would truly relieve some of the ceremonial gitters. And guess what, it most certainly did.

Wanting to appear as fresh as possible and as cool as cucumber, our decision resulted in Pieter and I spending about a half an hour, just us two, taking photos of our first look at each other. In the photos below you'll find Alicia's incredible eye and documentation of our quiet moments spent seemingly meeting each other for one last time before we become husband and wife. It was such a special portion of one very special day and we couldn't be happier of our decision.

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