My Lovely North: Three Brides

I've been really excited over the past few days because I'm been pulling at the memories of three beautiful brides in my life. The three brides are my wonderful sister-in-law Sara, my incredible cousin (and my Maid of Honor!) Katie and finally Nichole, an incredible family friend. I asked the girls a series of questions about their weddings and their experience, as each bride's weddings were so vastly different. I'm soooooooo happy to be kicking off this three part series with Sara, and a little bit about her Northern Michigan wedding.

1. How do you feel your wedding encompassed Northern Michigan?

I really wanted to showcase the beautiful lakeshore we have, and how nice Old Mission Peninsula is. We went out to the lighthouse for pictures and got some great group and couple shots. One of my favorite pictures is of my husband and I standing on a rock candidly, you can see the water/beach all around us. We also took a group shot in front of Chateau Grand Traverse look out where you can see Power Island in the back. We also chose Park Place as it is the only hotel in downtown Traverse City and the tallest building in TC. We really wanted out guests to be right downtown to see, explore and witness all the amazing amenities TC has to offer.

2. How long was your planning process and what portion was the most stressful?

I started planning 18 months out because that's how long we were engaged. I waited until I moved to TC because I was still living downstate when he proposed. Hoenstly, looking back I don't really remember anything being really stressful, I think I managed my time well.

3. How was your venue selection and what determined your final selection?

Guest count was a big deal and that's why we went with the dome.

4. Knowing we live in a crazy land of unpredictable weather, was this a concern for your wedding?

Just prayed for sun, and when it rained in the morning I was reminded it was good luck. Thankfully it was sunny during pics and started to downpour once our reception started. :)

5. Would there be any advice for future brides in regards to communication with your vendors? (aka florist, venue, photographer, etc?)

Just that, you need to be in constant communication with them. This is your day and you want it perfect. I have some fantastic photos but I wish I would have explained in more detail certain photos I want as well as tell her NO when I didn't want other pictures.

6. Describe your favorite moment during your wedding.

Only one??? Singing loudly to a hymnal with Clint during our ceremony. It gets me choked up with happiness just thinking about it. Oh and also when we high fived after he kissed me.

7. In closing, what final, general advice would you give brides-to-be?

Enjoy everything! It goes by so fast, so from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them, take everything in. This is the best day of your life because you're starting it with your best friend!

Also, make sure you are choosing vendors that want to make this the best day for you, i.e. they're working for you. If they make you feel like a nuisance, you need to look for someone else!!

I can't help but always feel a little warm and fuzzy whenever I hear brides reminisce  about their weddings! I hope Sara's wedding details and advice were helpful to all of you planning brides! Stay tuned next week for the second installment of the Three Brides.

Happy Planning!