My Lovely North: The Scoop On Our Coop

This past week has been full of new life. The lives of four young ladies became part of our family last friday, and might I add, just in time! Pieter and I have just placed the finishing touches on our hen coup when we got an e-mail from Beanie with Joey's Chickens, letting us know she was around the corner.

She dropped them off and made sure to answer any questions we had, assuring us that if anything crossed our minds, that we could e-mail her any time! We knew for the most-part what we were getting into, but we knew there'd be a lot of unanswered questions along the way. Things like "Do chickens need water in their coop at night?", "How often should we clean their coop?" and "Will our nasty, neighborhood raccoon overcome our best efforts to keep our hens safe?". It's all a lot of uncharted territory, but so is being a newlywed, so we felt our questions would fit right in.

They spent the first day being pretty nervous of their new surroundings and not too keen on our peering eyes. It only took that first, nervous day though for them to become comfortable and even border-line sassy! They quickly established pecking order and mastered their ladder. It's been a really exciting first few days and we can't wait until October when they'l start producing eggs. (Our line of requests is quickly increasing!)

In conclusion, I'd like to leave you with a few 'fun facts' about chickens that we've learned:

- Chickens roost, yes, but they also cuddle together!

- Our four ladies quickly split into two 'cliques', reminding me of Mean Girls.

- Even if they're falling asleep, they'll still eat a handful of food if you put it in front of them.

- They 'purr or coo' while they sleep, similar to a dove.

- And my favorite fact - they make a rather comical "thud" when they dive bomb out the front door in the morning - ready for the day! (glad that makes one of us!)

Cheers and happy 'urban farming'!