My Lovely North: The Coop Cometh

It's been a whirl-wind week since Pieter's been home, but in the very best of ways! We've spent enough time outside to get a nice summer sun-kiss on our cheeks and I couldn't be happier about it. We typically take a couple of days to relax and then dive into whatever project we currently have on our 'books'. This time our project includes that of a feathered kind - that's right, Oak Park Neighborhood - consider us chicken-owners-to-be!

The idea first came to us about a year ago but due to being renters, we never truly were able to consider it. Now that our new home has provided us a beautiful yard to keep a small flock of chickens for egg laying. About a week passed and we were ready to roll up our sleeves and begin the process of coop building. We took quick peaks at some neighboring coops, as well as sought out online resources for plans. After realizing that many coops can cost upwards of $1000, we decided to repurpose a lot of our materials and make a coop of our own design.

We had some left over fence posts in our yard, and our friend and neighbors were kind enough to donate extra 2x4's and roofing materials. With a little coat of paint and some landscaping, our chicken coop will be the talk of the block - or so we hope! We also sought the expertise of Carter and Ty of Carter's Compost, as they also have chickens and we knew could certainly provide us with some much-needed expert advice. Ty has put us in contact with a lovely woman, locally-based, who will deliver our new brood right to our door!

We're about a day away of finishing our coop (pictures to come!) and a day away from answering the door to our new little hens. Pieter worked very hard yesterday and we decided to relax by taking a sail on the bay. There is absolutely not better way to unwind than enjoying a soft summer breeze, hear the lapping of the water against the boat and enjoying time with those who mean the most to you.

This summer has already proven to be exciting and we're only a week in. I love Northern Michigan and I'm so very thankful to be living the life that I am! Cheers!