My Lovely North: Spring Up

When spring hits Northern Michigan you find yourself acting abnormally hearty. Jokes about Michiganders wearing shorts in 50 degrees are funny, yes, but also pretty exemplary of whom we really are. Similarly to grass popping up the minute it reaches 45 degrees outside, you can see the crazy locals out grooming their yards in hopeful preparation of inspiring the surge of spring warmth to stick around. This year was no different for this Northern newlywed.

I consider myself slightly obsessed with HGTV and now being a homeowner, I’m quick to take my expert lessons learned and apply them to our new nest. As a small warm front rolled in and the looming deadline of leaf street pickup approached, I realized I needed to get outside and take advantage of the sun. I began to uncover to years of forgotten leaves by the previous owner and along with finder rich, composted earth, I found new life springing up.

Consulting the expert knowledge of my amazing mother’s gardening skills, we walked around my yard trying to deduce the new life surrounding our plot. Daffodils, Myrtle, Lily of the Valley, Grape Hyacinth, Tulips and shrubs galore were all found popping up in places around the house and yard. Coming from such a long an hard winter, this new and fresh greenery was so incredibly welcomed. Although everything was so beautiful, I’ll still want to put a spin on the yard ourselves to give it a bit of a curb appeal (thank you, HGTV, for that phrase) and so I journeyed to my local do-it-all store to take a peak at the greenery that’s out there.

It’s been a long, hard process to rake the neglected front and back yard, and I ached in placed I didn’t know I could, but being greeted by the fresh shoots of green really got me inspired to make it our own! I may not have a green thumb…but with Pieter being gone for so much of the spring, it’s given me motivation to give our home a fresh start and looking fabulous for his return in June. He may still be a month and a half away from coming home, but that’s all the more time to perfect my emerald digit.

Happy Spring everyone! I do believe it’s finally here.