My Lovely North: Simpler Living

Being that Pieter are I will soon be calling a new house our new ‘home’, we started preparing for the first step: the big move. Thinking of all the items we acquired during our days of dating brings them all together in a huge, ridiculous pile. You start to contemplate what really needs to come with, what could be repurposed, and what may quickly become friends with the garbage. Besides offering a chance for a fresh start and organized home, moving can also provide opportunity to find ways to live simpler and cleaner.

We live in quite possibly the most amazing location in the United States. Our towering woodlands, fresh waters and magnificent skies should be reminder enough that we should do our part in preserving its beauty. Shortly after our engagement, Pieter and I were lucky enough to move near a very important young man who introduced us to composting. Carter is a driven, energetic, and earth-conscious 8 year old who has created a business of delivering and picking up compost buckets to his happy customers. Through the week we pile our kitchen scraps into our bucket until upon Saturday when Carter whisks it off to his composting pile – soon to churned into nutrient-rich soil.

In addition to composting and recycling what we can, Pieter and I have recently invested in Nest. This handy little thermostat is not only pretty cute, but it’s a learning thermostat that never ceases to program itself and save you energy. It learns your sleeping comfort and begins to understand your work habits – turning the heat up a few minutes before you typically get up so the house is warm, and making sure to turn it down when you typically leave, saving you energy and heating costs. Coming home from work early that day and the house will be cold? Nest is programmable from your smart phone. It’s amazing…and I literally can’t wait to see how it saves us energy!

Finally, as we move into our house and reflect on our poor, lonely wedding décor that’s currently sitting in my parent’s garage. We realized that we definitely want to make sure we’re repurposing it into our new home if at all possible. The beautiful set of doors that opened up our new life together will soon be refashioned into a sliding pantry door and the platform we stood on as we made our vows to each other will shortly become a statement wall. Since our wedding was so very DIY, it’s hard to let go of the pieces we worked so hard to build together, and what better way to keep them in your life, than to incorporate them into your new home.

We may not be completely “green” if you will, but we’re certainly doing our best to honor this beautiful place we call home as we continue to create our future together. It’s an exciting journey, to start over, and I can’t think of a simpler way to enjoy it.