My Lovely North: Home Sweet North

After your honeymoon tan has worn off, your gifts are all unpackaged and you’ve settled into married life, ideas start to cross your mind as to what’s the next step. Some couples are content in their current flow and others begin to look towards change. For some, a baby may be on the radar and for other couples like Pieter and myself; a new home is the next star on our horizon. Interest rates are at an all-time low and the list of available houses is quickly dwindling. Our first concern in purchasing became location, and so our search began.

There’s no question that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the planet. My favorite locations within Northern Michigan are Traverse City proper, Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula. Within these three locations, there’s always such variety in both home style and neighborhood range. Downtown Traverse offers beautiful, older homes, Old Mission Peninsula provides the homes surrounded by vineyards and rolling scenery, while Leelanau Peninsula boasts spectacular views of West Bay and perfect woodland settings. There are seemingly unlimited options to say the least!

Along with choosing your location, when deciding to live in Northern Michigan your list of must-haves should quickly be hammered out, as well as your flexibility with those must-haves. For Pieter and myself, our must-haves included location, 3 bedrooms, 1+ bath, a garage and a yard. We were willing to substitute a garage for a lower price and/or yard – what can be built simply needs the space, right? So all in all, you could say that our must-have list was a bit flexible.

Once your must-haves list is set and your pre-approval is taken care of, find yourself a good realtor! We absolutely love, love, LOVE Linda Schaub with Real Estate One, and couldn’t be happier to recommend her. She helped my brother and sister-in-law find their dream home and fell nothing short of amazing in helping us through this process.

One important lesion was learned through Linda is that in our Northern Michigan area with the low interest rates, there are currently fewer homes than there are buyers, so hop to it! Buying a home may not be on the horizon for all of you beautifully newly-wedded couples, but if it is, I wish you the best in all of your home-hunting endeavors, and will keep you all posted on our hunt for the perfect home!

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