My Lovely North: Home Grown Cocktails

As mentioned in last week's post, I knew that I wanted to begin my search for the perfect signature cocktail for our Home Coming/House Warming party. I'm not exactly a connoisseur of finely mixed cocktails, but I know what I like when I like it, and I figure that can help me along my way!

During a stay in Grand Rapids this past winter, I had tried some sort of Strawberry, Basil cocktail. I'm unsure of the specific alcohol used, although whatever it was, was far surpassed by the incredibly fresh strawberries and muttled basil. Remembering this incredible flavor, I decided this where I should start my search.

I found a fresh bunch of basil from our local Farmer's Market and a few select strawberries from my small garden. I had a bottle of L Mawby Detroit conveniently chilled in our fridge and thought it would be a perfect pair. Although I don't own a mortar and pestle, *note to self*, I was able to lightly chop and mash the strawberries. Placing the strawberry into the glasses, I tore a couple of basil leaves, and while dropping into my glasses, pressed them into the strawberries to get the flavors fusing. I poured my Detroit over the mixture and toped with a slice of strawberry and a large basil leaf.

Letting sit for about 15 minutes, I let everything sit together for a while in hopes that it would pop the tastes a bit. And boy did it work! I found that at first the strawberry is extremely strong in smell, and the basil in taste, whereas upon taking a sip, the mixture truly complimented the sparkling detroit. Although I did love this cocktail, it's not quite as 'light' as what I'm looking for, so perhaps I'll head towards the sangria route!

Stay tuned next week to see what I wrestle up for Pieter's homecoming!!

A HUGE thank you to my amazing friend Betsy for our Mr & Mrs rocks glasses wedding gift!